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Mitsubishi MU-300 Aviation Training

Mitsubishi MU-300 Aviation Training, Simulator Training, SIMCOM

SIMCOM offers Mitsubishi MU-300 simulator training for the MU-300 type certificated group of aircraft in our Beechjet 400A full flight simulator located in Orlando, Florida.  An MU-300/BE-400 type rating is required by the FAA to operate a MU-300 aircraft.  In addition to the Hawker 400A simulator training course, all MU-300 courses include a MU-300 differences training module.  This module, which is not part of the FAR 142 training course, provides information on system and performance differences between the Hawker 400A and the MU-300.

Upon successful completion of your MU-300 training course you will receive all required FAA documentation to operate a MU-300.  You will also receive a SIMCOM Completion Certificate for the appropriate Hawker 400A training course and a SIMCOM MU-300 Differences Completion Certificate. 

The SIMCOM MU-300 initial training course is designed to be completed in 13 days and includes 14 hours of training in the simulator. The MU-300 recurrent training is designed to be completed in 3 to 4 days and includes 6 to 8 hours of training in the simulator.


CourseDaysSimulator Hours
PIC Initial1314
SIC Initial1312
ATP / Recurrent48