SIMCOM offers two day recurrent course for Eclipse

SIMCOM Aviation Training is pleased to offer a two day Eclipse recurrent course.

  • Enjoy all the benefits of training in an FAA qualified full flight simulator.
  • Minimize the total amount of time required to complete your training.
  • Two day course includes:
    • 3 two-hour simulator sessions
    • 8 hours of ground school.
    • Total training time is approximately nine hours each day.
  • If you prefer a more moderate paced curriculum the 3 day course remains available.
  • Allows you to safely complete your annual type training requirement.
  • Completion of the course satisfies all the requirements for an instrument proficiency check as well as night landing currency.
  • Our small class sizes and innovative curriculum give our instructors the opportunity to tailor the training to meet your specific needs.
  • More importantly, simulator based training allows you to practice a variety of emergency procedures that simply cannot be replicated in the aircraft.