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Cessna Citation Ultra (560) Aviation Training

Citation Ultra Aviation Training, Simulator Training, SIMCOM

SIMCOM offers Cessna Citation Ultra simulator training for the Citation Ultra in our Citation Ultra full flight simulator located in Orlando, Florida, and in our Citation II simulators located in Orlando, Florida and Scottsdale, Arizona.  A Cessna Citation 500 series type rating is required by the FAA to operate theCitation Ultra.  If you elect to train in one of our Cessna Citation II simulators your course will include a Citation V differences training module.  This module provides information on system and performance differences between the Cessna Citation II and the Citation V.   The differences module is not part of the FAR 142 training courses.

SIMCOM also offers Citation training for approval of single-pilot privileges for the Citation Ultra.

Upon successful completion of yourCitation Ultra simulator training course you will receive all required FAA documentation to operate a Citation Ultra.  You will also receive a SIMCOM Citation training Completion Certificate for the appropriate Citation Ultra training course or the appropriate Citation II course and a SIMCOM Citation Ultra Differences Completion Certificate. 

The SIMCOM Citation initial training course is designed to be completed in 14 days and includes 14 hours of training in the simulator. The Cessna Citation recurrent training course is designed to be completed in 3-4 days and includes 4-6 hours of training in the simulator. 


CourseDaysSimulator Hours
PIC Initial1414
SIC Initial1312
Upgrade to PIC610
Single Pilot Exemption5-610