SIMCOM offers training on the following Citation 510 Series models:

  • Citation Mustang (CE510)


Location:  Scottsdale Training Center

Initial Training
SIMCOM’s Citation 510 initial courses provide a comprehensive overview of aircraft systems, performance, and procedures. You will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and proficiency in normal and emergency procedures. The combination of our, high fidelity simulators, small class sizes and experienced instructors provides the ideal learning environment. Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a CE-510 type rating (PIC or SIC as appropriate) along with instrument proficiency, takeoff and landing currency and a 61.58 proficiency check.

Recurrent Training
SIMCOM’s Citation 510 recurrent courses give you the opportunity to practice normal and emergency procedures using realistic scenario based training. You will also review aircraft systems, performance and procedures. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a CE-510 61.58 proficiency check, along with instrument proficiency and takeoff and landing currency.

Upgrade Training
SIMCOM’s Citation 510 upgrade course is designed for the experienced second in command to obtain a type rating in the airplane in fewer hours than an initial course. Like the initial course you will receive systems training and simulator training but with reduced hours reflecting your experience in the airplane. In addition to a type rating you will also satisfy instrument proficiency, and takeoff and landing currency requirements.

Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)
Pilots that hold a Commercial pilot certificate can obtain ATP rating by completion of any of the courses above. Additional simulator time is required for those pilots seeking to obtain an ATP rating in a Recurrent Training course.

Note: Minimum prerequisites for enrollment apply to each of the courses above.

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