Transportation Security Administration

All Non-U.S. citizens training in aircraft weighing over 12,500 lbs. must obtain TSA Approval prior to training. To obtain TSA Approval, TSA Training Requests are made online at to the Alien Flight School Program (AFSP). Instructions are available by clicking on the Application Guide on the site and there is a Help Desk for candidates with questions by clicking on Contact AFSP.

TSA Information

Basic Instructions for SIMCOM Customers

  • Book your training at SIMCOM
  • Go online to
  • Create a user ID and password. If you have created a TSA (AFSP) account in the past, use your existing user ID and password.
  • Complete steps 1 – 6 to input your personal information and upload documents, or review and update your information if you already have an account.
  • Go back to the homepage and select the type of training request. There are 2 types of training requests:
    INITIAL (training to obtain a type rating) category 1 or 2.
    RECURRENT (already hold a type rating) category 4.

For Initial Training

You are training to obtain a type rating. Please allow a minimum of 30 days to process. From the homepage click on “Begin a New Training Application”. Complete steps 7 & 8 by selecting the state and name of your training provider. Verify your exact SIMCOM provider (location) from your confirmation. A list of SIMCOM locations appears near the end of this information section. Then select your training category:
Category 1: if this is your 1st type training in the U.S. in an aircraft weighing over 12,500 lbs.
Category 2: if you already hold a type rating in an aircraft weighing over 12,500 lbs. and are adding another type rating in an aircraft weighing over 12,500 lbs.

Finally, you will be asked to enter an Aircraft Type and Class Name. Select from the options below. Include “Initial” after the Class Name (Ex: Citation Jet Initial).


CE-525, CE-525S
CE-525, CE-525S
Citation Jet
Citation Jet III
Citation Mustang
Challenger 350
Dornier 328
Eclipse 500
Gulfstream G650
King Air 300/350
Learjet 31A
Learjet 35A
Phenom 300
Praetor 600
Saab 2000
Westwind II


Once the above information has been input, submit your application. Check your emails regularly for updates and requests from AFSP. If you do not already have fingerprints on file with TSA from a previous type training in the U.S., you will be asked to have your fingerprints taken as one of the steps in the approval process. For locations of National Air Transportation Compliance Services (NATA) fingerprint locations go online to Do not go for fingerprinting until you have been instructed to do so.

For Recurrent Training

You already hold a type rating for the aircraft you will be training on. Please allow a minimum of 14 days processing. If you have already selected your training provider from a previous Recurrent Training at the same training provider and location, you do not need to do so again. Just verify that all your information and documents are up to date. If you do not receive an email from AFSP saying “Training Request Processing” 14 days prior to your training date, please contact your training provider.

If this is your first time training at this training provider and location, go online to the homepage and select “Recurrent Training”. You will then be asked to select your training provider from the list below. Please verify your exact SIMCOM provider (location) from your confirmation.

Once you have selected your training provider, you can exit the website. Your training provider will then complete your training request.

SIMCOM Locations

  • FLORIDA – SIMCOM International, Inc. – 6989 Lee Vista Blvd., Orlando, FL
  • FLORIDA – SIMCOM International Parksouth – 9550 Parksouth Ct., Orlando, FL
  • ARIZONA – SIMCOM International – 7860 McClain Dr., Scottsdale, AZ

*** For all TSA training requests, please make sure you allow enough time for TSA processing — a minimum of 30 days for an Initial request and a minimum of 14 days for a Recurrent request. Please check your emails often for updates and instructions from AFSP. Training may only take place once TSA Final Approval is obtained ***