Turboprop Twin Commander 690

Turboprop Twin Commander 690SIMCOM offers training in Dallas/Ft.Worth, Texas for the entire family of Turboprop Twin Commander aircraft, including the 690/690A/690B/840/900/980/1000. Three Commander simulators are available for training in Dallas/Ft.Worth.  The first is a full-motion simulator configured as a 690B with Garrett TPE331-5 engines.  A Garmin 530/430 is installed and operational in this simulator and the outside visual display duplicates both day and night conditions.  Circling approaches are possible in this simulator due to the visual display being incorporated into the pilot’s side window.  The second simulator option available is a visual-motion device configured as a 690A with TPE331-10 engines.  It has a Garmin 530 installed and has WAAS approach capability.  Day and night visuals in this simulator also allow for simulated circling approaches.  The third simulator option is a full-motion device configured as a Twin Commander 1000 with TPE331-10 engines.  A Garmin 530 is installed in this simulator that also includes day and night outside visuals.  Using either of these three Twin Commander simulator options, training courses offered include a five day initial, a three day recurrent, a three day second in command recurrent and a 2 day advanced refresher.  The two day advanced refresher is intended for more experienced Twin Commander pilots.              

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