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Full-motion simulators are utilized for Jet Training in Orlando, Florida and Scottsdale, Arizona. In many cases type ratings and single-pilot approvals can be obtained in the simulators without the need to fly the actual aircraft. All simulator training courses meet the highest standards set by both the FAA and the major aviation insurance companies.

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SIMCOM Turboprop training utilizes a wide variety of full-motion and fixed base simulators for both initial and recurrent training for the most popular turboprops. Training is provided in Orlando, Florida and Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Pilots operating piston powered aircraft will find a wide variety of training courses at SIMCOM. Initial and recurrent training that includes extensive practice in multi-engine procedures and instrument proficiency is offered.

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Many of SIMCOM’s maintenance training courses are factory authorized and approved. Our instructors have hands-on experience maintaining and servicing the airplanes they teach. Customers leave SIMCOM with a thorough understanding of how to keep airframes and engines in service and operating per the manufacturer’s specifications and instructions. Maintenance training is conducted in Orlando, Florida or on-site at the customer’s service location.

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In addition to the wide variety of simulator-based training courses, SIMCOM offers a number of specialty courses designed to enhance your proficiency, allow you to advance to more sophisticated aircraft and equipment or add required certifications for high altitude or multi-crew operations.

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