SIMCOM Partnership with APS Solves Your #1 Safety Risk

SIMCOM customers have the option to powerfully integrate online and instructor-led academic training with on-aircraft (piston and/or jet), advanced simulation, and virtual reality solutions. Like SIMCOM, APS is dedicated to the importance of the mission of helping pilots learn new concepts and build on their aviation knowledge and flying skills. APS joins the other long-standing relationships SIMCOM enjoys with many of the world’s aircraft manufacturers, aircraft owners, commercial airlines and business aircraft operators.


Existing licensing and training practices have resulted in Loss Of Control In-flight (LOC-I) persisting as the number one cause of fatalities in aviation. APS UPRT teaches pilots to overcome this risk and has saved hundreds of lives through expanding pilot knowledge and skill base well beyond minimum standards, providing immediate and resilient skills in a crisis. In addition, pilots gain comprehensive enhancement of competencies which improve day-to-day manual flight operations proficiency.

Learn more about the exciting UPRT opportunities for SIMCOM pilots:

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