Published on March 30, 2017 -

ORLANDO, FL, MARCH 2017 —SIMCOM Aviation Training is pleased to announce that they have partnered with PATTY WAGSTAFF AVIATION SAFETY, to provide high quality Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRTA). SIMCOM, through its partnership with PATTY WAGSTAFF AVIATION SAFETY, will now be able to add another layer of safety training for its Customers.

The UPRTA training will give pilots the skills needed to handle any upset situation that presents itself. It will instill more confidence and will help pilots gain more enjoyment from their flying. “Demand for in-aircraft UPRTA is rising and we are proud to partner with PATTY WAGSTAFF AVIATION SAFETY, as the logical choice based on her knowledge and exceptional reputation in the industry,” said John Warnk, Lee Vista Training Center Manager. “For pilots of any skill level, this is the right thing to do,” said Patty Wagstaff, whose career of flying in extreme attitudes spans more than three decades. She added, “This training helps pilots become more professional and ultimately safer. We are excited about partnering with SIMCOM, the perfect choice to support this unique training as a leader in the training and safety industry.”

Patty Wagstaff Aviation Safety is the physical manifestation of its namesake’s commitment to making pilots more confident at the controls. Led by the most celebrated female aerobatic pilot in history, Wagstaff and her team of instructors have walked hundreds of students from around the world through the school’s signature airmanship, confidence and aerobatic competition courses. With headquarters in St Augustine, the training would be conducted at Odyssey Aviation in Kissimmee, FL using the Extra 300L, gold standards of aerobatic training equipment.

About SIMCOM Training Centers
A privately-owned, comprehensive learning institution, SIMCOM utilizes realistic simulator-based training to provide advanced aviation training services to professional pilots, owner-operators, Part 135 operators and maintenance personnel operating in general aviation, regional, military, government and cargo operations around the world. SIMCOM currently operates 52 simulators representative of a wide range of jet, turboprop and piston powered aircraft. The company is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, where it also operates two training centers and one simulator production facility. Additional training centers are located in Scottsdale, Arizona; and Humberside, United Kingdom.

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