Published on July 02, 2018 -

SIMCOM Aviation Training is pleased to announce the addition of a new Citation Mustang full flight simulator. SIMCOM is now offering initial, recurrent and upgrade training for Citation Mustang series aircraft. The FAA Level C approved simulator is a state-of-art training device with electric motion and a high resolution visual system.  The simulator is located in SIMCOM’s Scottsdale Arizona Training Center.

“Citation Mustang operators have had only one choice for simulator based training.” says SIMCOM’s CEO Eric Hinson, “Many of our customers have been asking for SIMCOM to provide a training solution for the Mustang and we have answered.”

“SIMCOM is the acknowledged value leader when it comes to business jet training.” says Gary Santos, the Scottsdale Training Center Manager.  “We are focused on delivering a customized training solution for each pilot.  The combination of our new full flight simulator and flexible curriculums gives pilots the ability to train in an extremely realistic environment with the same high quality value focused training that other pilots have always enjoyed at SIMCOM.”